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Takeuchi Glazing Services

Plant Glazing Limited supply and repair machine glazing for Takeuchi throughout Aberdeen. Takeuchi is a world leader in manufacturing compact construction equipment. Its product range includes track loaders, skidsteers, wheel loaders, zero swing excavators and conventional excavators. The Takeuchi brand insists on durability, serviceability performance and operator comfort. Takeuchi is one of the top three mini-excavator makers in the UK and, along with other items of Takeuchi equipment; they are used in a wide range of construction, industrial and agricultural applications.

They are used in hard and demanding environments and the most vulnerable part is the cab glass which, although very tough, is prone to damage which is typically caused by debris.

Damaged Takeuchi Glass Services

Once the cab windscreen, door glass or other cab glass is cracked, broken or damaged the safety of the equipment is then exposed. Visibility can be reduced which is a safety hazard. In order to keep the operator safe and to abide to industrial safety standards it is important to have any damaged glass repaired or replaced without delay.

This is the reason why you need our highly trained team of equipment glaziers who can provide an on-site service to replace and service your Takeuchi cab glass in the minimum possible time. Every day our team saves our customers money by assisting them in avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Takeuchi Glazing Parts

We hold the following Takeuchi glass in stock: windscreens, rear screens, side and doors glass, front screen and back windows.

Some examples of the glazing parts we stock are:

  • Takeuchi - TBO 20 - TBO 25 - TBO 35 - TBO 45
  • Takeuchi - TB175 - TB175W - TBO70
  • Takeuchi - TBO14 - TBO16
  • Takeuchi - TB53FR - TB80FR
  • Takeuchi - TB285 - TB295W

  • Takeuchi - TB228 - TB235 - TB250
  • Takeuchi - TB153FR - TB180FR
  • Takeuchi - TBO 15
  • Takeuchi - TCR50
  • Takeuchi - TB125 - TB135 - TB145

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