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Caterpillar Glazing Services

We provide Caterpillar (CAT) windscreen and glazing services to the highest standards throughout Aberdeen.

CAT machines are used to work in many different roles and on many kinds of jobs including construction, agricultural, mining and transport. They are commonly found in different types of environments many of which are particularly challenging. It is hardly surprising that they sustain accidental damage to the cab glass. This is mostly caused by impact with debris to the cab windows and windscreens.

Caterpillar cab glazing, windscreen and door glass

The CAT cab windscreens, door glass, and other CAT cab glazing are the important parts of the complete construction system and the integral glass is important to the operating safety of the equipment. Not only is it necessary to have excellent levels of visibility in order to operate safely, the cab glass is a crucial element in maintaining the strength and stiffness of the equipment whilst protecting the operator from debris and other accidental impact. Cracked windscreens, door glass and cab glass should be replaced quickly without delay using particularly the boom side glass.

Plant Glazing Limited has many years of experience in Caterpillar windscreen and glazing services. We understand how important it is to get your CAT equipment back working with minimum delay; our trained team provides on-site glazing services that are proven to minimise your down time and to get you up and running in no time.

Caterpillar Glazing Parts

We hold the following Caterpillar glass in stock: windscreens, rear screens, side and doors glass, front screen and back windows.

Some examples of the glazing parts we stock are:

  • Caterpillar - 312L - 317L - 320L - 325L - 330L - 350L (300 L / A SERIES)
  • Caterpillar - D6H - D6M - D6R - D7H - D7M - D7R - D8R
  • Caterpillar - TH220B - TH330B - TH350B - TH355B - TH360B - TH460B - TH560B - TH580B
  • Caterpillar - 924G - 928G - 938G - IT14 - IT28
  • Caterpillar - 424D - 428D - 432D - 438D - 442D

  • Caterpillar - 303.5D CR - 304D CR - 305.5D CR - 305D CR
  • Caterpillar - M313C - M315C - M316C - M318C - M322C
  • Caterpillar - 950G SERIES 2 - 972G SERIES 2 - 980G SERIES 2
  • Caterpillar - 308C CR - 314C CR - 314C LCR - 321C LCR
  • Caterpillar - M313D - M318D - M322D - M325D

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